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Hillside Mission provides a private, secure detox experience designed around you. We are a leading co-ed detoxification treatment center located in a private gated community of sunny Southern California. Hillside Mission offers detoxification and residential substance abuse treatment in a safe and comfortable environment. Clients are carefully monitored with 24-hour care by a compassionate and experienced clinical team that considers the client’s individual needs.

The biggest hurdle between an individual and their recovery is their withdrawal symptoms. Our innovations in detoxification treatment can reduce the pain and discomfort an individual suffers when undergoing detox treatment with NAD (Natural Assisted Detox) supplements. We offer Pharmacogenetic Testing during which is used to help predict how an individual will respond to a particular medication.

Hillside Mission provides a multidisciplinary staff trained in evidence-based treatment modalities with a holistic approach. Patients undergo a thorough assessment soon after arriving that includes psychometric, clinical, and cognitive tests to facilitate the discovery of all co-occurring conditions. Our clinical team then creates a customized, holistic treatment plan for a well-balanced approach to address the underlying issues and guide the patient on their path to healing and sobriety.

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