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Remote monitoring app for alcoholism launched by BACtrack

Remote monitoring app for alcoholism launched by BACtrack

04-01-2019 Posted in Alcohol Detox, Detox Treatment

BACtrack, a company producing smartphone-connected breathalyzers since many years now, has launched BACtrack View – a novel alcohol content monitoring service that would facilitate friends, family or sponsors use the device to check the user’s sobriety level remotely.

Keith Nothacker, BACtrack Founder and President, shared that alcohol is like a drug and when people develop an addiction to drugs they are at their worst for they lie and try to deceive people. Therefore, when one can actually see if a person is lying about not having alcohol or being intoxicated, they can reach out and take the big step forward to be able to help the loved one take control of their lives.

Available as a monthly subscription plan, BACtrack View costs between $79 and $129 and all the plans incorporate the BACtrack Mobile device. A testing schedule can be fixed by a person doing the monitoring. Reminders to test their breath would be sent to the person being monitored. Once that is done, they would also be prompted to take a picture with their phone’s front-facing camera to prove that it is them. Both the picture and the results can be seen by the observer, who would also get a notification in case the test is missed.

Impact of such devices

Presently, the service is being offered to the consumer directly, however, according to Nothacker, in the coming days, there is a probability for enterprise use cases. As of now, several use cases are being touted by the company, from peace of mind in split-custody situations to recovery support.

This is a first-of-a-kind experience which enables two or more people to easily verify that someone is not drinking, said Nothacker. Further, even though the preliminary reaction may not be belief, customers and people actually using it are happy and feel that the device is amazing. One of the customers shared that his wife did not believe that he was sober when he was traveling for work but with the help of this invention she now knows that he is sober. This helped him significantly in his recovery.

Nothacker and his team did a roundup on the smartphone-connected breathalyzer space in 2013. They discovered that other than Breathometer, a pioneer in the digital oral health space, only FLOOME and BACtrack seemed to be in operation. This remote monitoring functionality was offered for the first time by BACtrack. Nothacker shared that a couple of years ago the company had launched a small pilot of the service to test and gauge reactions. In the coming years, he plans to incorporate additional functionalities like dashboards so that clinicians can monitor multiple users with ease.

Alcohol addiction can be treated

Recovery from alcohol addiction is a lifelong process that requires continuous commitment and encouragement. It is easy to relapse and therefore an individual in recovery needs to be monitored, supervised, and inspired constantly, especially during the early years. It is also not easy to overcome alcohol addiction alone. This is the reason why when seeking alcohol addiction treatment, it is advised that one enrolls into a professional alcohol addiction treatment center.

An alcohol addiction treatment program begins with a detoxification. This helps purge all the toxins accrued in the body owing to years of alcohol abuse, manage withdrawal symptoms, and prepare the body and the mind for the ensuing treatment. In case you or a loved one is in need of professional alcohol addiction treatment and is looking for help, contact the Hillside Mission. Our state-of-the-art detox alcohol addiction treatment clinics are known for offering specialized detox programs and our continuing care programs ensure that the person is never alone during their recovery. Call our 24/7 alcohol abuse helpline 866-225-6101 or chat online with our experts to get connected with our detox treatment center for furthering the treatment and taking the first step towards sobriety.

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