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Individual state alcohol policies may reduce drunk driving and aggression-related harms

Individual state alcohol policies may reduce drunk driving and aggression-related harms

11-14-2019 Posted in Alcohol Detox, Detox Treatment

Apart from the physical and psychological effects of alcohol, there are other high risk behaviors associated with alcoholism. Drunk driving and alcohol-induced violence and aggression claimed the top 2 spots in this list. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), out of 36,560 deaths due to traffic accidents in 2018, 10,511 were due to drunk driving. Further, for the year 2017, the national drunk driving fatality rate was around 3.5 out of every 100,000 persons.

The U.S. Alcohol Policy is the major federal law that governs alcohol-related policies in the country and the 21st Amendment to the Constitution gave the states the right to control and regulate their own alcohol policies for the sale, distribution, possession, and import of alcohol within their territory. The legal minimum age to purchase alcohol in the U.S is 21 years, however the legal age for consumption differs state-wise.

A recent study conducted by the Alcohol Research Group highlighted that state policies on alcohol may prove effective in reducing drunk driving and aggression-related incidents due to alcohol especially in young adults.

Experts studied alcohol policies and rated them

The study which was published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, studied the alcohol policy scores for each of the 29 U.S. states. These scores summarized the strength of the alcohol policies in reducing binge drinking and were studied thoroughly by a panel of experts.

The study also focused on the chances of introducing stronger alcohol policies by the states in order to reduce harm caused by people who consumed alcohol. The policies had also to be effective in reducing drunk driving and alcohol induced violence and aggression. The authorities which measured the states’ alcohol policies and the harm caused by people who consumed alcohol had limited the age of offenders to 40 years.

For every 10-point hike in policy restrictiveness, the chances of experiencing the above mentioned harms were reduced by about 16 percent. Speaking on the observations, lead author Dr. Thomas Greenfield said that states who implement stronger and preventive alcohol policies will be able to reduce the risk of harm caused by people who drank, especially young adults. This increase in harm is also prevalent in areas where the laws are weak.

Treatment for alcoholism

Detox is the first step toward sobriety in the recovery process. Alcohol abuse and dependence are prevalent medical conditions that require a medically supervised detoxification. In case of mild-to-moderate symptoms, it is essential to seek alcoholism treatment and rehab. A comprehensive alcoholism detox program administered under clinically controlled conditions should be opted for by anyone suffering from alcohol addiction.

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