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Weed and workout; the latest fitness fad

Weed and workout; the latest fitness fad

05-08-2019 Posted in Detox Treatment, Drug Detox

Move over protein supplements and energy boosters; there is a new trend in town. According to a survey by the researchers from the University of Colorado-Boulder, eight out of ten cannabis users have confessed to using cannabis before or after their workouts. The survey was conducted in states where marijuana use was legal. The findings showed that users, aged 21 years and above, who used cannabis before or after their workout, exercised for an extra 43 minutes per week compared to people who did not use cannabis.

Lead author Angela Bryan, a professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the Institute for Cognitive Science said that it is usually perceived that those using cannabis are lazy, however such is not the case, as indicated by the study. She said that according to the survey, 52 percent of those who used cannabis and worked out claimed that cannabis motivated them. Moreover, 70 percent said that cannabis enhanced their enjoyment of the exercise regime while 78 percent said it helped them recover better.

Testimonials of current users

Following are a few testimonials by people from states where cannabis use was legal:

  • Tyler Browne, 34, was an ex-Marine who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. He smoked pot after his weight lifting sessions. Browne claimed that cannabis made cardio fun by freeing his mind from tensions and unwanted thoughts. He also said that pot had anti-inflammatory benefits that helped him relax better after heavy exercise.
  • Coming from British Colombia, Daniel Winer, 31, vaped cannabis before his workout and consumed it in the edible form post workout. He reported that cannabis motivated him and helped him focus better. Moreover, cannabis made strenuous exercise like running more tolerable.
  • A Brooklyn Half Marathon runner claimed to have run her personal best after consuming a pot brownie before the marathon a few years ago. She claimed that she felt no pain. Though she was not sure whether it was her overall preparation and conditioning for the marathon or the marijuana brownie, she claimed that she felt great and ran her best.

Speaking to MarketWatch, Dr. Dayna McCarthy, sports and regenerative medicine specialist at the Icahn School of Medicine at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, claimed that there were scientific evidences that chemical compounds in cannabis reduced pain and inflammation.

Recreational use of marijuana has been made legal in 10 states and Washington DC; with 33 states and Washington DC having permission for medicinal usage. According to Barclay’s, the total value of the marijuana market would have been worth an astonishing $28 billion if it was legalized throughout the country.

The real “weed’ in the fitness garden?

However, after all said and done, one has to recognize the fact that the study did not consider the negative effects of combining marijuana and exercise. Nor did it compare its data with non-users who worked out. Further, there is no data to find out whether users performed better than those who did not use drugs.

Ever wondered why the World Anti-Doping body banned athletes from using drugs to enhance performance? Or why is it illegal to drive under marijuana influence even in states where its use is legal. One has to note that marijuana use impairs one’s judgement and hampers motor functions.

Dr. McCarthy added that she did not recommend the use of marijuana to enhance workouts. She said that in the end, cannabis was a mind-altering substance and had a different effect on different people. Moreover, marijuana was highly addictive and its use could lead to severe short- and long-term effects.

Seeking treatment for marijuana addiction

According to the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)’s report, 26 million people, aged 12 and above, were current users of marijuana. Cannabis use causes several health problems including respiratory and heart disorders. Marijuana abuse also leads to mental health disorders including heightening the risk of developing depressive and anxiety disorders and suicidal thoughts.

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