Alumni Program

Recovery is a life-long process; this is the reason why even after an individual has completed their rehab treatment program, they need to practice sobriety consciously and constantly.

A patient is truly challenged when they leave the treatment facility and return to normal life. They come face-to-face with their old life and most probably old triggers, which remind them of their drinking and/or drug days. This is the time, when they need a lot of support and encouragement so that they do not fall prey to temptation and remain on their path of sobriety.

Hillside Mission believes in long-term recovery of its patient and that is why we do not forget our patients even after they leave the detox facility. We keep in constant touch with them and provide motivation and assistance to them to continue their journey of recovery.

We assign a dedicated alumni coordinator to each patient so that they have a one-point contact person for all their queries regarding aftercare support. We connect the patient with a support group in their vicinity so that they are a part of the treatment community and are continually inspired to practice sobriety.

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