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Who We Are

Detox experts, we run all-inclusive adult detox programs designed to provide the level of care you need and deserve while you recover from the disease of addiction.

Why Hillside Mission
Why Hillside Mission?

Hillside Mission is a dedicated detox treatment center that understands that patients are human beings, constrained by their addictions, but not defined by them. We also believe that recovery is a journey that needs companionship, acceptance, empathy, and sympathy and we promise to provide all these to ensure a holistic recovery.

What do we offer
What do we offer?

Our rapid detox center, located in Orange County, offers detox programs in the complete privacy and anonymity of an upscale and luxuriant adult residential facility packed with necessary amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Why Detox
Why detox?

The biggest hurdle between an individual and their recovery is their withdrawal symptoms. Our innovations in detoxification treatment can reduce the pain and discomfort an individual suffers when undergoing detox treatment. We are the first and only rehab to offer pharmacogenetics testing during the detox treatment programs itself.

What makes us different

Hillside Mission believes in and strives for continual improvement in the quality of detox programs offered and the safety of patients.

Privacy | Security | Anonymity

Our 24/7 guarded facility offers a safe and secure place for you to detox and recover fully in complete privacy and anonymity.

Well defined aftercare support

Hillside Mission works with the patient to help identify a program, offered by our network of quality providers, that suits their need.

Meeting Patient expectations

We understand that the patient is already struggling and expects nothing but acceptance, compassion, companionship, and a guiding hand during their recovery.

Alumni support program

Our alumni programs connect the patient with the treatment community so that they get the required support even after formal treatment ends.



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